book LEFWIJF 2 (Dutch)


Courage comes in many forms, as illustrated by the 50 women featured in the Dutch book LEFWIJF 2. Always standing in their feminine power. They also inspire the world around them because they are a source of experience and knowledge. LEFWIJF is an ode to women in general illustrated in 50 personal stories.  LEFWIJF is an ode to living the life. 


The stories in LEFWIJF 2 are brought together by Lucinda Douglas, life artist and entrepreneur. One of the stories with is written by our own CEO Nathalie Beck.

('lefwijf' means courageous woman)



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The book is now available in our webshop and the profit will be donated to the Plastic Soup Foundation.*

The book LEFWIJF 2

Nathalie Beck, CEO of blue®m, is co-author of this book and is one of the 50 courageous women who shares her inspiring story in this fantastic book.


“To write my own life story in about 500 words was nearly impossible but thnx to the help of dear friends the miracle happened. Very proud & excited with the result!

It was an honour to be co-writing with such a group of different women, each of us sharing personal stories to help other women elevate their lives as well!”


For a good cause

*By purchasing this book, you are also supporting a good cause. At blue®m, sustainability plays an important role in every choice we make, but in some cases, unfortunately, we still cannot avoid using plastic. By supporting the Plastic Soup Foundation, we hope to at least take a step in the right direction. Plastic does not belong in nature!