Bluem for clear aligners

A clear aligner is a breeding ground for bacteria. A moist and warm environment is an excellent place for bacteria to multiply. If you don’t keep your aligner clean, it certainly doesn’t get any fresher. blue®m has developed a special gentle and safe cleaning product based on oxygen, blue®m oral foam. It is easy and effective to use.

It may seem like a logical choice, but absolutely do not use toothpaste to clean your aligner! Toothpaste is too abrasive and damages the surface of your aligner, allowing plaque and deposits to adhere even easier. Therefore, always use a mild cleaning product. blue®m has developed a special foam to clean aligners, whiten and brighten teeth and to take care of the gums. blue®m oral foam, a special gentle and safe cleaning product based on oxygen.

The importance of a clean aligner

The smell is not the biggest problem of a worn aligner, the bacteria on your aligner can spread further into your body, especially if you already have inflamed gums or oral ulcers. A dirty aligner in a dry mouth is even worse, because it reduces the body’s own defence system, found in saliva.

A clean aligner and a healthy mouth

blue®m oral foam can also be used directly in the mouth. Simply spray the foam into the aligner and put it back in your mouth, and spit out any excess foam. This way it has a double effect: it cleans the aligner and at the same time it cares for your teeth and gums.

About the foam

  • The best way to clean clear aligners
  • Prevents yellow stains and bad smells
  • Safe, fast and easy cleaning
  • White and brighter teeth
  • Supports oral health condition
  • Oxygen technology for quick and thorough cleaning 
  • 24/7 fresh & clean
  • Best Product of the Year

Clean your aligner? Follow these steps!

Step 1: Apply Bluem oral foam directly to your aligner, ensuring an even distribution to cover all parts effectively, thus ensuring a thorough cleaning of your aligner.

Step 2: For stubborn dirt, let the oral foam sit on the aligner for 5 minutes before gently brushing it clean with a soft toothbrush.

Step 3: Place the aligner with Bluem oral foam back into your mouth, then spit out any excess foam.

By regularly using Bluem oral foam, you not only maintain fresh breath but also keep your aligners in optimal condition.

The best way to thoroughly clean your aligner

The active oxygen in blue®m oral foam derived from honey amongst others, xylitol and lactoferrin, not only ensures healthy teeth, gums and mucosa. The structure of the foamy substance provides a different effect. A multitude of micro bubbles deliver powerful oxygen to hard-to-reach areas and removable appliances. So it is ideal for the hygienic and safe cleaning of aligners, mouth guards, braces and dentures.

A sensational experience: deeply cleansing and ultimately refreshing oral foam. To be used as a gentle mouthwash and to keep aligner fresh and clean. Prevent dental erosion and plaque by applying oral foam to your aligner at least once a week. Then lay the aligner aside for an hour so that the oral foam can be fully effective. Afterwards, you brush it gently and you are good to go!

The blue®m oral foam has been voted Best Product of the Year in the Netherlands!

What our customers say

Ine H. (★★★★★): “I wear a clear correct night brace and always had trouble getting it completely clean. After a brief google search for something to help me, I ended up with Blue M. My only regret is that I did not discover this product sooner when I still had to wear my clear correct braces day in and day out. It was always a scour and fumble to get my braces clean to the nooks and crannies, with the Blue M foam my night braces were completely clean in a few minutes with minimal scrubbing and even looked brand new. It also stays clean and has no more problems with tarnish.”

Carla van G. (★★★★★): “Great! I never had such a clean night guard

What professionals say

Lotte Veldhuijzen van Zanten

Lotte Veldhuijzen van Zanten, orthodontist:
To keep the Invisalign clean, fresh and clear, I recommend applying this foam several times a day in the aligners.”

Ronald Muts

Ronald Muts, dentist at MP3:
MP3 Dentists always recommend the handy Bluem Foam for cleaning and maintenance of Invisalign aligners. Especially suitable for Vivera night-time retainers. Easy to use and remarkably fresh.

Barbara Oosterkamp

Barbara Oosterkamporthodontist:
I always give my patients Bluem foam when they start the Invisalign program. They consider it like a small gift and start more more motivated with their Invisalign.”

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