blue®m for mouth problems

There is nothing more unpleasant than having a painful mouth. Do you experience discomfort or even pain in your mouth? Do you have inflamed or receding gums, bad breath, pain around implants or oral ulcers? Then be alert and read on about how to cure and prevent them.

Clinically proven

The bluem oral care collection is developed and tested by dental professionals. All research is conducted by dedicated, hands-on international professionals in close collaboration with renowned universities. But, you don’t need to read all the literature to know what our products do to your body. But if you are up for a challenge and have time on your hands, you can do so here.

About Dr. Peter Blijdorp

As an oral surgeon, Dr. Peter Blijdorp discovered the healing effects of oxygen and decided to help as many people as possible with this.

“blue®m’s mission is to help as many people as possible with body-friendly and safe products, especially people suffering from oral problems.”

Dr. Peter Blijdorp – founder of blue®m

10+ Years Industry Leader

We have over 10 years experience in the dental industry. Supplying our products to dental professionals, from dentists to surgeons, in over 50 countries worldwide.

Do you have a question about your oral problem? Read more about mouth problems here.

Our favourite products for oral problems

The blue®m oral care products with active oxygen, lactoferrin and xylitol, help speed up recovery after the placement of implants and contribute to long-term implant retention.

blue®m toothpaste fluoride free

The bacteria that cause inflamed gums and caries are anaerobic. This means that they cannot tolerate oxygen. The active oxygen in blue®m fluoride free toothpaste, derived from honey amongst others, xylitol and lactoferrin, helps to fight these bacteria. Daily use of the fluoride free toothpaste helps to reduce inflammation, accelerates the healing of oral wounds and improves the overall condition of the mouth and teeth.

blue®m mouthwash

Use mouthwash for daily maintenance of the teeth, improving the overall condition of the mouth, preventing inflammation of the gums and keeping the oral mucosa intact. We have two types of mouthwash: regular mouthwash and neutral mouthwash (Oxygen Fluid).

blue®m oral gel

When you suffer from oral problems or are recovering from surgery, you need extra support. Bluem oral gel is designed to help people with severe oral problems restore the oxygen level in certain areas of the mouth. Such as pockets, bleeding gums, wounds that may be the result of extraction, implantation, chemotherapy or dentures. This product is a medical device.

blue®m surgical toothbrush

Inflamed gums are red, weak and swollen. When brushing your teeth, the gums bleed easily and can also be very sensitive. This makes it all the more important to brush softly, the softer the better, but with an effective brush. You will find that combination in the bluem surgical toothbrush. Simple as it may look, the results are totally dentist-proof.

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This is what professionals say

Amit Patel:  “I advise all my patients who are suffering from periodontitis and inflammation around the implant to use bluem daily.”

Irfan Abas M.Sc.:  “The oxygen in blue®m has numerous advantages. I see what it does to the delicate tissues in the mouth after surgical operations. I therefore recommend its use on a daily basis.“

What our customers say

Ruby (★★★★☆): “This remedy made the sensitive spot in my gums , above the front tooth disappear within 2 days! My gums now look healthy and have a light pink color! Am very happy and satisfied!

Elianne Dijkstra (★★★★★):”I suffer from Lichen Planes in my mouth and throat and I have implants. Since using Blue M much I am less suffering from Lichen Planes and no deposits and tartar on the implants!”

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