Frequently Asked Questions



  • The products are suitable for children from 3 years. An exception applies to:
    – teeth & bone formula is not suitable for children under 17 years.
    – fluoride toothpaste: for children aged 6 years or younger, do not use more toothpaste than the size of a pea.

  • The lactoferrin used in all our products, except mouth spray and oxygen fluid, contains 96% pure cow’s milk protein. In our recipes a very low percentage is processed, which means that the end product contains 500 ppm lactoferrin (500 mg / kg). If you swallow more than 10 grams of end product, this can pose a risk.

  • The lactoferrin used in all our products, except the mouth spray and oxygen fluid, is made in a factory where lactose is also processed. Therefore, the products may contain traces of lactose. Since only a very low percentage of lactoferrin is added, this does not pose any risk for users who are lactose intolerant .

  • Cl 42090 (brilliant blue) is the ingredient that ensures that our products have that amazing blue color. It is a coloring agent but is poorly absorbed by your body, so you can fortunately find more than 95% of the swallowed color in your stool.