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Bluem for dental implants

Special selection of blue®m products for people with dental implants or who are suffering from inflammation around the implant, also called peri-implantitis.

Maintenance and preservation of your implant

A dental implant is very expensive. After the purchase of one or more implants, it is, just like with your own teeth, important to take good care of them. This way, you can prevent possible problems, such as peri-implantitis, and you will also extend the lifespan of your implants.

Enhance your mouth’s condition

One advantage of using blue®m before oral surgery is that it improves the overall condition of the mouth. It therefore reduces the risk of infection during the operation and preventively lowers the risk of complications after the operation.

Our favourite products for your dental implants

The blue®m oral care products with active oxygen, lactoferrin and xylitol, help speed up recovery after the placement of implants and contribute to long-term implant retention.

Bluem oral gel

Using bluem oral gel immediately after the placement of the implant improves the healing process. Or the gel will speed up recovery from the inflammation around the implant, also known as peri-implantitis.

Bluem toothpaste fluoridee free

Daily use of the fluoride free toothpaste improves the overall condition of the mouth. It prevents corrosion of the titanium top layer, as the toothpaste does not contain abrasives or fluoride, which can damage the outer layer of a titanium implant that can cause inflammation.

Bluem oxygen fluid

Oxygen fluid, a neutral mouthwash, is the best possible addition to your brushing routine, 24h after the placement of implants. The high concentration of active oxygen stimulates and supports the healing process of wounds in the mouth.

Bluem mouthwash

After the wounds from the implant surgery have healed, use the mouthwash for the daily maintenance of implants and your own teeth, improving the overall condition of your mouth and preventing inflammation of the gums.

Bluem postsurgical toothbrush

During the first four weeks following your oral surgery, it is even more important to brush with a soft toothbrush. Therefore, we recommend the use of an ultra soft toothbrush. The nylon bristles of the bluem postsurgical toothbrush have a compact rounded head. The ergonomic grip ensures a smooth brushing motion. This supports the protection of your gums, mucous membrane and potential oral wounds.

Bluem day-to-day toothbrush

Following those four weeks, you can return to using our day-to-day toothbrush. An ultra soft toothbrush for your daily oral care ritual. This toothbrush ensures gentle yet effective oral care, maintaining hygiene around teeth and implants without compromising gum health.

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This is what professionals say

Dr. Minas Leventis: “Bluem oxygen gel can help us keep the soft tissue around an implant healthy”

Irfan Abas M.Sc.: “Despite the best surgical techniques, wound healing affects the final outcome. Thanks to BlueM’s oxygen products, we can control wound healing.”

What our customers say

Joost (★★★★★):

“Fine toothpaste for extra/other maintenance for my implant crowns. I had slight problems with complaints there (redness and foul taste, but no inflammation or the like, fortunately, turned out to be only reduced resistance which manifests itself at my implants was the conclusion in the hospital) but since I use this toothpaste it is more stable and calm again! With regular toothpaste I don’t manage that.”

J. de Weerd (★★★★★): “Clean feeling and it feels fresh. My dental hygienist had said I needed to do this for my implants. After doubts done. Highly recommended.

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