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Postsurgical Toothbrush


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Ultra soft postsurgical toothbrush. The safest way to take care of gums and teeth after surgery.

  • Precision Tooling
  • Ultimate Teeth Cleaner
  • Gums Conditioner
  • Effective Plaque Remover

Why we made this

Should you have had oral surgery, are you experiencing severe oral problems, or do you have sensitive teeth or are you coping with pain? Brushing your teeth may offer its challenges. That is why we developed this special ultra soft postsurgical toothbrush, to help you return and stick to your dental routine In the safest, fastest and least painful way possible.

How you use it

During the first four weeks following your (medical) treatment, brush your teeth with this postsurgical toothbrush at least twice a day. By doing so and while avoiding the treated surgical areas, you do all you can to minimise irritation and allow recovery. Following those four weeks, you can return to using our day-to-day toothbrush.

bluem how you use it

Substance over

True to our mission, we double down on what’s essential and cut out superfluous elements. What appears to be a simple design actually is the perfect tool to help you recover from your medical treatment as safely, quickly and with the least pain as possible. The ergonomic grip ensures a smooth motion while brushing, cleaning in the back of the mouth and those hard-to-reach places. The soft bristles are effective in removing plaque while treating the soft tissues.

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