blue®m Core-values

Clinically Proven

Our professional oral care collection for day-to-day life is developed, tested and used by dental professionals. All research is conducted by dedicated, hands-on international professionals in close collaboration with renowned universities. But, you don’t need to read all the literature to know what our products do to your body. But if you are up for a challenge and have time on your hands, you can do so here.

Cruelty Free

Being honest is more important to us than being perfect, and we strive to do better every day. High quality care products should never be at the expense of animals, therefore we never test our products on animals. That’s a promise.

Planet Proof

We believe life is a miracle, so we act accordingly. We are grateful and take nothing for granted. We see it as our duty to take care of our planet. We prefer to work with producers and suppliers who share this vision. All blue®m products also contain consciously selected ingredients and we compensate for the collection, sorting and recycling of packaging materials. In the years to come, it is our mission to support and set up even more beautiful sustainable projects.

Award Winning

It is our mission to take care of your health and elevate your life. We did not only put all our energy in the development of our products, you can find our soul in them as well. Probably the reason we have won ‘Best Product of the Year’-election four years in a row. This election is one of the largest in our country, where the voice of the end user is decisive. Our award-winning products in a row: fluoride free toothpaste (2017/2018), mouthwash (2018/2019), oral foam (2019/2020) and toothpaste with calcium fluoride (2020/2021).
It’s an honour, but to be honest? The best reward is you! If we can level up your health, your life, that’s priceless. 

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