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This is how you use the blue®m products | General questions about blue®m products | Questions about the blue®m Oral Gel | Questions about the blue®m toothpastes | Questions about the blue®m mouthwashes

This is how you use the blue®m products

blue®m Oral Gel
First, dry the affected area with a cotton swab so that the gel will adhere well. Then apply blue®m oral gel to the required area using the tube: use a maximum of 1 ml of oral gel at each location, which is about the size of a pea. Do not apply more than 5 ml of oral gel per day. Leave the gel in place for as long as possible, but rinse your mouth about an hour after application. Use blue®m oral gel after brushing and/or rinsing with blue®m toothpaste/mouthwash, or as directed by your dental care provider.

blue®m Toothpastes
Brush your teeth and implants thoroughly with blue®m toothpaste at least twice a day for two minutes each time or as advised by your dentist, dental hygienist, or specialist. Do you have implants? Then use the fluoride-free toothpaste.

blue®m Oxygen fluid:
Rinse for 60 seconds with blue®m oxygen fluid after brushing. Preferably after every meal or at least twice a day, or as directed by your healthcare provider. Do not rinse with water afterwards, as this disrupts the oxygen release process.

blue®m Oral Foam
Apply the oral foam directly to the removable appliance (braces, mouthguard, or denture). Ensure an even distribution, covering all parts thoroughly. Place the appliance back in the mouth with the foam and spit out any excess foam. For stubborn dirt, leave the foam on for 5 minutes and brush with a soft toothbrush. Wear the braces or denture as advised by your orthodontist or dentist. For fixed braces, follow the daily oral care instruction: Apply the oral foam directly into the mouth by pressing the pump twice. It is best to do this after brushing with blue®m toothpaste. Spread the foam thoroughly throughout the mouth with your tongue and leave it in for at least 60 seconds. Do not swallow and do not rinse with water.

blue®m Mouthwash:
You use blue®m mouthwash as a daily mouth rinse. Rinse for at least 60 seconds after brushing with blue®m toothpaste. Rinse your mouth at least twice a day, preferably after eating. The mouthwash is the perfect complement to the use of toothpaste and contributes to a healthy, fresh mouth. Do not rinse with water afterwards, as this disrupts the process of oxygen release.

General questions about blue®m products

How long should I use the blue®m products to see results?
For many oral issues, results can be noticed after just 1 to 2 weeks of use. In most cases (periodontitis, peri-implantitis), it’s important to continue using the products for life to prevent relapse. Check our guidelines for more information.

I find the taste a bit sharp, why is that?
The sharp taste is caused by wintergreen oil. This oil is highly aromatic with a sweet, woody, and minty scent. Wintergreen oil is used topically or aromatherapeutically as a remedy for muscle and joint pain, arthritis, cellulite, obesity, poor blood circulation, headaches, and many other diseases and discomforts. It also has antibacterial properties. Taste is, of course, a subjective matter, but we also find fresh breath important.

Questions about the blue®m Oral Gel

Having trouble applying the gel, what should I do?
You often cannot apply the gel deep into the pocket or exactly on a wound by yourself. Moreover, it spreads quickly in the mouth and stays difficult to keep in one place. Fortunately, this is not a problem! Due to the small size of the oxygen molecule, it quickly penetrates deeply into the tissues. Cell communication ensures that it reaches the right place, so you don’t need to apply the gel with millimeter precision. It’s also not a problem that the gel spreads through the mouth, as the active substances are well absorbed through the mucous membranes. Wait half an hour after applying the gel before eating and drinking for good absorption; swallowing is of course allowed. 😉

Questions about the blue®m toothpastes

Why is the (fluoride) toothpaste so liquid / thin?
Research has shown that the thickness of toothpaste reduces the removal of plaque. Thick toothpaste creates a cushioning effect on the tips of the bristles, making the toothbrush less effective in its work. blue®m toothpaste sinks deeper into the toothbrush, ensuring that the function of the bristles is not compromised and the toothbrush can optimally remove plaque. The fluoride toothpaste is slightly more liquid than the fluoride-free toothpaste; we are working on improving the consistency. Until then, we advise storing it upside down.

Questions about the blue®m mouthwashes

How much mouthwash should I take each time?
The cap on the bottle can be used as a cup to take a sip of the mouthwash. The correct amount is about 20ml, approximately half a cap. You have taken enough mouthwash when you can rinse well. Not too much, as it’s not necessary. The mouthwash foams quite a bit, allowing the oxygen to do its work.

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