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No health, without oral health. This box makes it easy for you to take the best care of your oral health and overall health. Discover, try and start to love these professional and revolutionary products easily at home.


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This box contains the following products:

  • Mouthwash Small
  • Fluoride Free Toothpaste
  • Day-to-Day Toothbrush
  • Tongue Scraper
  • Dental floss tape
  • Toothpicks

Why we made this

When most people think of health, they think of regular exercise, the right diet and low stress. And these are certainly essential pillars, but did you know that your oral health is at least as important? This box makes it easy for you to take the best care of your mouth. Discover our award-winning products and raise the overall standard of your oral care easily at home.

About the products

​​The ultra soft day-to-day toothbrush: with life being complex enough, we aim to create effective and easy-to-use instruments for your oral health routine. Especially in combination with our fluoride free toothpaste. This award-winning professional toothpaste contributes to a natural balance in the mouth. The fresh mouthwash is the best possible addition to your daily (brushing) routine. The tongue scraper honours the ancient Ayurvedic ritual. It removes bacteria hosted on your tongue, freeing you from bad breath. Interdental cleaning is essential for a complete daily oral care ritual, so our premium dental floss tape or the wooden toothpicks are perfect to remove bacterial plaque and food particles between your teeth.

Bluem Daily Care Essentials

Substance over flash

True to our mission, we double down on what’s essential and cut out superfluous elements. We have selected the best ingredients nature offers, like lactoferrin, a powerful protein we call the immunity booster, xylitol from birch bark which is effective against the streptococcus mutans bacteria and organic honey, also known to be an ancient medicine. Of course all these products are pH-neutral and minimally abrasive.


Milk protein allergy: Our toothpastes and mouthwash contain lactoferrin that is made in a factory that also makes lactose. This could therefore contain traces of lactose. Since only a very low % of lactoferrin is added, there is no risk for users who are lactose intolerant. We have not heard of any allergic reactions so far, but if you are very allergic to lactose (milk sugar) or cow’s milk protein, pay attention!

Substance toothpaste


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