Why the right toothbrush is very important

Brushing your teeth is something we don’t think about: it’s part of our daily routine. But because of this daily routine we often forget the importance of brushing your teeth the right way. And even more important: what kind of toothbrush do you use? This week we dive into the world of toothbrushes…

Do you choose electric or manual?

Although many people choose to brush wih an electric toothbrush, brushing by hand is still very common. A summery of the differences:

  • The electric toothbrush. The techniques of electrical toothbrushes differ. The main differences excist on how the electrical brush rotates: a circling movement or sonic movement. The sonic toothbrush doesn’t have a rotating movement like a circling toothbrush has. Instead the head of the brush vibrates with a high frequencie. An electrical toothbrush is proven effective to maintain a good oral health. It is important though to follow the right instructions on how to brush your teeth best.
  • Manual toothbrush. Manuel toothbrushes are available in all forms and sizes: from hard to medium to soft and ultra soft. We advise using the “bass method”: Put your brush on your gum in a 45 degree angle and move it up and down. Don’t press too hard, be gentle with soft tissue. Brush the outside surface of all teeth this way, top and bottom. Brush the inside of your teeth in the same way. To reach difficult spots, try and keep your brush in a vertical position and move from top to bottom. Next brush your molars. Don’t forget to brush your tongue. This will help preventing bad breath.

Hard, medium, soft or ultra soft brushing?

When choosing a manual toothbrush it is important to choose the right sterness. We do NOT recommend using a hard or medium sterness. The hardness of the hairs can easily damage your gingiva (gum).

electric or manual toothbrush

Healthy gum is important to avoid plaque from occuring. The more plaque, the more bacteria > the sooner infections are caused in your mouth. That is why we always recommend using a soft or, preferably, ultra soft toothbrush. A soft toothbrush is the best way to not only take care of the softer tissues but also the hard tissues in your mouth. Because we have to “put our money where our mouth is” we have developed a surgical toothbrush to make sure your oral health is ensured.

electric or manual toothbrush

Surgical toothbrush

Why we call it a surgical toothbrush? Because after an operation it is even more important to brush with an ultra soft tootbrush.

De multi-tufted ultra soft nylon filaments of this post-operative toothbrush are carefully rounded. The ergonomically grip ensures a more controlled and smooth way of brushing. This supports the protection of the gums, mucous membrane and wounds in the mouth. The brush is also well suited for the care of implants and dentinal hypersensitivity. Read more about brushing your teeth.

The three musketeers

Because your toothbrush will, at some point, blemish, it is of high importance to replace it on a regular basis. We advise replacing your toothbrush every month. Because of this, our toothbrush comes in a package of three. You only have to order them every three months! Alongside we recommend using our toothpaste and mouthwash to ensure a good oral health. The powerful ingredients, in combination with the right toothbrush, will take care of this. A killer smile is born!