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A new study from Brazil; Covid-19 related

A case report : Oxygen therapy for treatment of oral lesions following COVID-19 infection published in the Brazilian journal The Concilium. 

Three different Brazilian universities joined their efforts together with dentists from a private clinic in Curitiba.

Abstract: Oral manifestations following COVID-19 infection can cause discomfort to patients, therefore new treatments must be investigated in order to avoid or minimize this condition. The aim of this study was to report on the use of oxygen therapy in the treatment of COVID-19 oral manifestations. A 22-year-old male patient sought dental care 15 days after isolation due to the infection. He noticed that lesions had arisen in his oral cavity, having initially decreased, but returned after quarantine. The patient had difficulty in eating due to painful symptoms and a burning sensation in the tongue. During clinical examination several lesions were found in his mouth. Treatment using oxygen therapy was proposed with the mouthwash (Blue®M)  containing active oxygen. After the first day of treatment the patient reported that he was able to eat more easily; after the second day he was able to eat normally, and the burning sensation in his tongue also stopped; by the tenth day total lesions regression had occurred. It was found that the use of oxygen therapy promotes healing of oral lesions due to COVID-19, bringing comfort to the patient, reducing painful symptoms and leading to total healing of lesions. 

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