A Rare Case Report of Idiopathic Infected Radicular Cyst

Executed and captured by an American and Indian specialist.
Published this May in the journal; Dentistry and Oral Health Care

Lanka Mahesh(1)*, Gregori M. Kurtzman(2), Sharad Sahai(3), Anshi Jain(4), Tanvi Paliwal(5)

(1) Implantologist, Private practitioner, India.
(2) Private Practice, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.
(3) Radiologist, Private practitioner, India.
(4) Oral Pathologist, India.
(5) Restorative dentist and Endodontist, India.

Peri radicular pathosis can be differentially diagnosed as odontogenic or nonodontogenic cyst, epithelial cyst, neoplastic lesions or non – neoplastic bone lesions and inflammatory lesions. But diagnosis can only be made on the basis of clinical, radiographic features, histopathological evaluation of tissues and cytological evaluation of fluid. In this case report teeth were non vital with radicular cystic lesion size > 10mm. Histological examination revealed presence of cholesterol clefts, foam and giant cells. Enucleation in combination with root canal treatment, GBR with xenograft and membrane helps to get the predictable outcome.

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