blue®m toothpaste safe alternative for triclosan in fight against gingivitis

The Netherlands, Zwolle, July 8th 2019 – A university clinical study shows that blue®m toothpaste with active oxygen is as effective as toothpaste with triclosan. Toothpaste with active oxygen and lactoferrin is a safe alternative for triclosan toothpaste in fighting gingivitis. The study conclusion is published in the International Journal of Dentistry on July 1st

In an eighteen-week Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial was the long-term anti-plaque and gingivitis effect of blue®m toothpaste and Colgate Total (0.3% triclosan) compared. The study participants were instructed to cease all dental care measures for seven days. After an experimental gingivitis occurred, participants were assigned to the Colgate Total or blue®m group. They underwent extensive dental prophylaxis and were given the instruction to brush their teeth with the preferred toothpaste according to the modified Bass-technique, three times daily. 

After 1, 12 and 18 weeks, participants were seen and checked again. During these visits the Plaque Index and Gingival Index were scored. The researchers also took saliva samples. Both after 1, 12 as 18 weeks there appeared to be no significant difference in Plaque Index nor Gingival Index between the different groups. The comparison between the different bacterial colonies showed no significant difference as well. Though, there was a strong reduction of the PI, GI and bacterial growth in both groups, where the blue®m group had a stronger reduction.

Triclosan has a strong antibacterial effect, but it’s also apparent it causes health problems. The use of this substance would contribute to the development of breast cancer, antibiotic resistance and an imbalance in the hormonal system. In addition, triclosan can cause damage to the liver, muscles and skin. In 2017, medical professionals made a call to action for a ban on this substance.

The blue®m toothpaste with active oxygen and lactoferrin has no harmful effects on the body and can be safely used long-term. Fokke Jan Middendorp, Chief Healthy Smiles at blue®m, is happy now that there’s new, compelling evidence once again, that active oxygen is a good alternative. He adds: “After the earlier confirmation that our products are as effective as chlorhexidine, this is another success in our mission to make people known the world over with products without adverse effects.”

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