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Chronic periodontitis: Initial therapy supported with blue®m oral gel

by Drs. Amit Patel

Early-onset periodontitis: periodontitis at a young age

A woman with a large amount of bone loss at only a very young age of 28 years old, is treated by drs. Amit Patel. At the intake, she has multiple accessible furcations, shows active periodontal inflammation and pockets up to 9 mm deep. The loss of alveolar bone at a relative young age is called early-onset periodontitis, generalized (post-)juvenile periodontitis or post-adolescent periodontitis.

Anaerobic bacterial flora in inflamed pockets

Doctor Patel starts initial periodontal therapy. This consists of scaling, rootplaning and laser therapy. During the treatment, blue®m oral gel is applied into the pockets. Since the bacterial flora in inflamed periodontal pockets is mostly anaerobic, the application of active oxygen helps to create a healthy environment in the pockets. Besides that, the lactoferrin in the oral gel stimulates the osteoblasts (bone cells) to grow new bone.

Contribution of oxygen therapy to successful result

The patient receives oral hygiene instructions and is instructed to use blue®m oral gel on a daily basis. After 6 weeks, doctor Patel evaluates the periodontal health. There is loss of pocket depth and the gingiva is less red and swollen. The initial therapy supported by the use of oxygenated gel is considered successful.

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