Enucleation of a Cystic Lesion in Mandible Associated with Oxygen Therapy and Bone Grafting.

Published in EC Dental Science


Introduction: Dentists often face intraosseous cystic lesions in their clinical activity and for the solution of these cases they need to include surgical and non-surgical treatments, a decision that will depend on the analysis of the lesion and the possible prognosis.

Objective: Report an enucleation of a cystic lesion in the mandible, in the chin region, associated with oxygen therapy and bone grafting.

Conclusion: In cases of large radiographic findings, the treatment must be careful enucleation of the lesion followed by mechanical and chemical decontamination, as well as histopathological examination to confirm the diagnosis and to discard possible signs of malignancy. It can also be noted that oxygenotherapy favours the healing, improving the success of the cases.

bluem case report on E-Cronicon

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