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Implant placement + biomaterials + L-PRF + blue®m A 7 day follow up

At a patient, 42 years old, who lost her front teeth 20 years ago there is chosen to place an implant and bone grafting material combined with PRF and biomaterial. After that a titanium membrane was put in place, fixed with screws and covered with a L-PRF membrane. blue®m oral gel was applied directly after surgery on the sutures and held there for 20 minutes. Patient was instructed according the TOOTh protocol for better wound healing. Unfortunately the patient started using chlorhexidine 0,12% for 1 day and complaint about acute pain in the region. Clinical examination showed deficiency in the healing process, edema and flaccidity of the gingiva. The patient had to stop using chlorhexidine and start again with the blue®m oral gel. Good results were seen after 24 hours and 6 months post-operative.

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