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Mouthwash with Active Oxygen Induces Keratinocytes Proliferation

Chlorhexidine (CLX) is the gold standard mouthwash used as an adjunctive treatment for oral health. However, studies have shown that CLX has a cyto-toxic effect on numerous cells such as cells of the periodontal ligament 2 and os-teoblasts, besides inhibiting collagen and protein synthesis.
It has also been shown to reduce the adhesion of gingival fibroblasts to fibronectin and prevent fixation to the root surface, affecting healing.

It is important to consider that the stratified squamous epithelium of the gingiva is mainly com-posed of keratinocytes and is responsible for creating and maintaining a barrier for the oral mucosa and the cytotoxic effects of CLX on these cells have also been demonstrated, which may impair the healing processes

The blue®m publication results:

These findings show a trend towards the establishment of a differentiated mouthwash protocol for post-control immediate operative period, thus limiting the use of CLX.

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