Top 5 best cases (2021) with Bluem topical oral oxygen therapy

Throughout the year, we see beautiful cases pass by on our Facebook community: BlueM International Community for Craftsmanship (BICC). BICC is a network of enthusiastic, dental professionals sharing case studies and knowledge about the use of blue®m topical oral oxygen therapy. We always encourage every dental professional worldwide to share complex oral problems or severe wound healing.

We thought it would be a good opportunity to select a top 5 from all these wonderful cases and inspire you and convince you about the use of blue®m topical oral oxygen therapy.

Case 1 by Dr. Stavros Pelekanos

Dr. Stavros Pelekanos: Single central incisor

Bluem case by Stavros Pelekanos

Case 2 by Dr. Howard Gluckman

Dr. Howard Gluckman: Visual learning series.

3 Dimensional bone augmentation utilising autogenous bone blocks harvested from the ramus.

Bone block is split into two parts. And cut back and shaped to fit the area to be grafted.
The bone is screwed into the place with bone screws and the edges smoothed to fit the defect.
The buccal bone block is scored and then kerfed to allow it to bend along the vertical bone block.
Bone chips are then packed into place to fill the void.
Soft tissue is sutures along the suture line to act as a second layer of protection against wound dehiscence.
PRF covers the graft to act as further coverage of the bone and soft tissue.
A periosteal releasing incision is made to get good soft tissue closure. That is passive.
The patient will wait 4 months for bone healing before implants will be placed.

Bluem case by Howard Gluckman

Case 3 by Dr. Peter Fairbairn

Dr. Peter Fairbairn: Interesting case …….Blue M always

Bluem case by Peter Fairbairn

Case 4 by Dr. Alberto Miselli

Dr. Alberto Miselli: In all cases where there is a wound, the quality of healing must be controlled, avoiding the proliferation of bacteria in the area. The systematic use of BlueM gel on the wound (minimum 3 times a day) will be the difference!

Bluem case by Alberto Miselli

Case 5 by Dr. Minas Leventis

Dr. Minas Leventis: A straightforward immediate placement/immediate loading case with stable results one year post-op. As always Bluem gel as part of the protocol to assist the soft tissue healing and for disinfection of the implant platform/abutment interface at each connection/disconnection of the prosthetic components.

Bluem case by Minas Leventis

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