Top 5 best cases (2022) with Bluem topical oral oxygen therapy

Throughout the year, we see beautiful cases pass by on our Facebook community: BlueM International Community for Craftsmanship (BICC). A network of enthusiastic, dental professionals sharing case studies and knowledge about the use of blue®m topical oral oxygen therapy. Because we want to inspire and convince as many dental professionals as possible  about the use of blue®m topical oral oxygen therapy, we organised the first Bluem poster contest last year. This resulted in even more wonderful cases!
Like last year, we would like to end this year with a top 5 best cases about the use of blue®m topical oral oxygen therapy. Despite the many new cases we saw come by in the poster contest and at BICC this year, we prefer the 5 winners of the blue®m poster contest as best cases. It was a close call with all the other entries, but these 5 really stood out this year!

We thought it would be a good opportunity to select a top 5 from all these wonderful cases and inspire you and convince you about the use of blue®m topical oral oxygen therapy.

Case 1 by Dárcio Fonseca, Gustavo Peres Alves, and Rute Marques:

Use of blue m in soft tissue healing.

Conclusion: The future is promising regarding efficient preventive and curative measures that promote the healing process, which reduces the possibility of post-surgical complications and provides greater comfort for the patient during the recovery period.

Case 2 by Nuno Cruz, Inês Amaro, and Andrea Gomes:

Clinical Comparison of healing and discomfort in 12 patients submitted to tooth extraction, using blue®m or Chlorhexidine gel..

Conclusion: Within the limitations of this clinical report, due to a small small clinical sample, and knowing that many other factors may influence the healing process of a post-extraction socket, we concluded that patients using blue®m gel had a better healing process and lower pain rates.

Case 3 by  Dr. Rafael Block Veras:

Oxygen oral gel to support wound healing after apicoectomy of an extensive apical cyst

Conclusion: This case report suggests that even extended inflammatory processes such as the presented cyst and even with the enclosure of the bifurcation, treatment to preserve the tooth can be successful with the support of the active oxygen gel from BlueM®. However, the procedure should be performed with a modern technique and in our experience the bony defect should be filled to support the new bone formation. Clinical research with a bigger role of patients and control groups would have to be done in order to produce enough evidence-based data.

Case 4 by Kanchana Chathoth, Bénédicte Martin, Martine Bonnaure-Mallet and Christine Baysse:

Testing antibacterial gels against a multispecies oral biofilm with an adapted in vitro assay.

Conclusion: Both the gels, blue®m oral gel Hyalugel®-ADO, demonstrated biofilm reduction efficacy with a species-specific effect. This study shows that single exposure of Hyalugel®-ADO and blue®m oral gel was effective against oral biofilms and therefore both gels could be used for the treatment of periodontitis.

Case 5 by Carlos Stutz and Rubens Moreno de Freitas:

Use of oxygen gel as an alternative therapy in cases of osteonecrosis of the jaw.

Conclusion: The reported clinical case suggests that the oral oxygen gel accelerates the tissue and bone healing process in cases of osteonecrosis of the jaw. Blue®m gel can be adopted as therapy, however more clinical research is needed.

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