Comparative study of the effect of BlueM active oxygen gel and coe-pack dressing on postoperative surgical depigmentation healing

Published in The Saudi Dental Journal


Introduction: Black colored gingiva is an esthetic concern, especially when accompanied by a high lip line or gummy smile.
Surgical depigmentation with a scalpel is still considered the golden standard in gingival pigmentation management although it causes an area of open wound, which needs a special management with dressing.
This study aimed to comparatively evaluate the effectiveness of reactive oxygen gel species (BlueM gel) and the traditional Coe-Pack dressing on gingival healing and pain after surgical depigmentation.

Materials and Methods: This split-mouth randomized clinical trial was conducted on 20 non-smoking individuals aged 20–38 years with maxillary physiologic gingival pigmentation classes (III) and (IV) according to the Dummett–Gupta Oral Pigmentation Index (40 treated sites) who had requested an esthetic treatment for gingival hyperpigmentation of the maxillary gingiva. The maxilla was randomly divided into two symmetrical parts -from the right second premolar to the midline and from the midline to the left second premolar- to receive either BlueM gel or Coe-Pack as a dressing after surgical depigmentation with a scalpel. Various indices were assessed, such as pain and re-epithelization index with toluidine blue, and the follow-up period was 1 month.

Results: A total of 20 patients were included in this study. There were statistically significant differences in the pain index after 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 days. The BlueM gel group showed a higher significant difference after 1, 2, and 3 weeks in the re-epithelization index


According to the findings of the present study, using the BlueM oxygen gel after surgical depigmentation with the scalpel technique improves wound healing, stimulates rapid re-epithelization, and relieves postoperative pain compared with applying the conventional Coe-Pack dressing.

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