Following the TOOTh guidelines for peri-implantitis: a 2-year follow-up

by Drs. R.A Muts | aug 23, 2018

Circular bone defect around implant

A 39 year old male comes to drs. Ronald Muts his esthetic practice in Apeldoorn. Around her implant, she has a circular bone defect with a pocket of 9 mm deep. This is a case of peri-implant disease.

Thorough curettage and oxygen therapy

Ronald decided to give her comprehensive oral hygiene instruction and he treated around the implant by thoroughly cleaning it. He used local anesthesia to do this. Additionally, he decided to start the TOOth protocol. This means: daily brushing, rinsing and topically applying with active oxygen.

New bone growth after one year

When the patient returns after one year, Ronald saw new bone growth in both horizontal and vertical direction. The pocket reduced from 9 to even 4 mm! There was no more redness and swelling. The soft tissue fits tightly around the implant.

Steady situation after two years

Two years later, the patient is still treated by drs. Muts. The implant and surrounding tissue looks good and there is no more loss of bone. There is even a small pocket reduction to 3 mm. The patient still follows the TOOTh guidelines and uses oxygenated products on a daily basis. Thanks to the oxygen, there is no more peri-implantitis.

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