Implantology in the aesthetic zone

Case report form Dr. Irfan Abas published in Dentist News (Belgium) February 2023.

By: Irfan Abas

Abstract: Oral mucosa serves as the primary barrier against pathogen invasions, mechanical stresses, and physical traum. Replacing one or more upper front elements is a major treatment for both patient and Implantologist.There are no clear guidelines for this treatment in oral implantology. For this reason I am using my own protocol. (see article in Dutch)

For optimal healing and comfort of the patient I used the following guidelines:
The Patient had 2 grams of amoxicillin prophylaxis in advance of the treatment. Afterwards Ibuprofen 600 mg 3DD1 for 7 days and I advise the patient to rinse with BlueM mouthwash 3 times a day for 7 days. To disinfect the wound and improve the healing I use BlueM oral gel. For the start of the surgery I take 6 tubes through a venapunction 10 ml blood off and I place it in the PRF centrifuge. Four tubes to create A-PRF membranes and 2 tubes for I-PRF to mix with xenogenic bone.

Irfan Abas is a dentist/implantologist and restorative dentist in the Netherlands and has been recognized for this by the Dutch Flemish Association for Restorative Dentistry and by the European Prosthodontics Association. Irfan has a private practice in Bussum, the Netherlands ( and lecturing all over the world since 2016.In 2019 he started an implantology course for dentists: The Abas Implant Academy.

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