Surgical treatment of peri-implantitis

by Maike Huisman 

A patient comes to Maike Prick-Huisman her dental practice. He complains about his implant, which is situated in the right upper jaw. He has tender, painful gums and there is pus flooding from around the implant. Also, a pocket of 10mm is measured around the implant. Maike diagnoses this as peri-implantitis.

Preparation for flap surgery

Her advice is first of all, to improve the situation. Therefore, the patient starts following the TOOTh guideline: using blue®m oral gel, toothpaste and mouthwash 2 times daily. When the inflammation decreases, Maike decides to perform flap surgery.

Thorough cleaning and covering the wound with oral gel

A lot of pus and granulation tissue shows after incision. The wound is cleaned and inflamed tissue is removed. The implant is cleaned with EMS Perio Airflow. Afterwards, blue®m gel is applied and removed after two minutes. Maike fills the defect with bone graft material and places a membrane over the wound. She sutures it and covers the wound with blue®m oral gel.

Process of wound healing

The patiënt is recalled after 1 week, 3 weeks, 7 weeks and again after 5 months. The series of intraoral photographs beautifully shows the process of wound healing and the patients role within this process. Without a good oral hygiene and the patients commitment, there will not be the desired result. Fortunately, this case report shows a good result. Active oxygen supported the wound healing and regeneration of tissue after flap surgery.

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